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QroKee, the holographic tracing machine

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QroKee© : what is it ?

QroKee© is a fun little machine that uses a video-hologram as a template for drawing, painting, engraving, sculpting, ...

How does it works ?

By looking through the semi-transparent mirror, one can see the reflection of the tablet's screen that appears precisely on the sheet, without special glasses and regardless of the point of view. This is the famous Pepper's Ghost effect !

This "video-hologram" is used as a guide for drawing, coloring, painting, sculpting... while following the image displayed on the tablet's screen

A simple light control lets one blend the reflection with the drawing.

The key advantage of this technique: the model-image always remains visible, without distortion, even under the hand or the pencil, which allows to draw very easily without tedious contortions !

QroKee©, the tracing paper of the Future!

Everybody likes drawing! It's cool and peaceful.

But one can feel intimidated by not "knowing" how to draw, by not mastering the techniques such as proportions and perspective.

It's a pity because drawing should always be a pleasure!

As a faithful guide for proportions and perspective, QroKee© encourages people with no special skills or training in arts to gain confidence and start drawing. Everyone can experiment with various techniques (pencils, markers, watercolors, ...) to obtain in the end a unique artwork to be proud of!


QroKee©, the ultimate shape-transfering tool for Arts&Crafts

Beyond drawing or painting, QroKee© is also a brand-new fast and reliable way to transfer complex shapes on any material : carton, fabric, wood, polymer dough, clay

An essential (and long awaited...) tool for all Arts&Crafts activities!


QroKee© is compatible with all tablets and smartphones from 7" to 12.9".

A dedicated software application is available for free.




La French Tech !

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